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Applying for A Tax Debt Compromise

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Section 200 of the Tax Administration Act (“TAA”) deals with the Compromises on Debt owed by individuals, trusts, close corporations and companies. It allows a senior SARS official to compromise a tax debt which could be comprised of taxes, penalties, interest and even additional tax if certain requirements are met. The Term “Compromise” Is Defined…

Tax Consequences of Being Married:

In Community of Property Out of Community of Property Out of Community of Property with accrual. IN COMMUNITY OF PROPERTY: If you are married in community of property, this means that current and future assets are shared equally.

Client Liaison Best Practices

The best way to improve communication is to write a communication policy that outlines your plan to exchange information between clients, vendors and employees. For example, when handling potential clients who have expressed an interest in your services, you may want to create a new client communication policy that defines what steps should be taken…