Client Liaison Best Practices

Client liaison best practicesThe best way to improve communication is to write a communication policy that outlines your plan to exchange information between clients, vendors and employees.

For example, when handling potential clients who have expressed an interest in your services, you may want to create a new client communication policy that defines what steps should be taken in process.

Your Best Practice Steps

  • Respond to new client contacts with a welcome email within two hours.
  • Schedule new client meetings within 24 hours.
  • Provide client with company information, insurance certificate and references at first meeting.
  • Submit proposal within 48 hours following the first meeting.
  • Follow up with phone call within 24 hours of submitting proposal to ensure client has received it.
  • Follow up phones will ask for client feedback, identify areas of hesitation or concern, ask for client to confirm accuracy in written scope of work, clearly identify next step in sales process (revise proposal to reflect any changes, sign a contract, follow up meeting at property, etc.).
  • Maintain a documented record of all calls and emails with dates and times of each conversation. For each correspondence, clearly identify what the next step will be.