Business Valuations

Business Valuations










Do you have a business or a business interest?

What is its value?

Why do you need to know what the value is?

If you are wanting to add a new business partner or investor, you will need to know what the value of your company is in order to know what you can afford to sell a share of your business for. If you are wanting to sell your business altogether, you will need to assess the value and on top of that the Capital Gains Tax due to SARS will need to be calculated.

If you are unaware of what your business is worth, you won’t be able to make decisions on selling it or possibly expanding it. Too many people make the mistake of pricing their homes or businesses above what they are actually worth or what the market can afford. This can be detrimental to your selling process and even have far reaching consequences if you wanted to sell or retire one day.

By knowing the value of your company, you can sell part of your business whilst retaining control and availing you to some needed cash injection. At PATC (Professional Accountants and Tax Consultants) we can assist you in the process of having your business valued – either in part or as a whole.

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