Income Tax Returns

Tax Returns

The income tax returns are available annually after the end of each year of assessment to registered taxpayers and must be completed and submitted to SARS each year.

The tax season commences on 1 July each year and the deadlines for the submission of returns are as follows:

  • Individuals (ITR12) and Trust (IT12TR) returns (non-provisional tax payers): last working day of September for postal submission or the last working day of November for Efiling via your PC or laptop or done electronically by SARS
  • Individual (ITR12) and Trust (IT12TR) returns (provisional tax payers have until 31 January to submit their completed ITR12 Income Tax Returns to SARS
  • Companies /Close Corporation (IT14) Returns must be completed and submitted within 12 months after the financial year end of the Company/Close Corporation

From the information furnished in the Income Tax Return SARS will issue an assessment showing either tax due or refundable, if applicable.

 The deadlines must not be missed:  if you submit your returns after the deadline you will face administrative penalties of each return that is outstanding. SARS has implemented serious tax penalties and interest on monies outstanding and as a consequence it is essential to have your books and tax administration correctly and timorously done.

It is therefore crucial to ensure that returns are submitted prior to the closing dates for final submission. Whether you are an individual, small to medium sized business, corporate company or massive enterprise everyone needs a professional tax service, contact a tax consultant at PATC (Professional Accountants and Tax Consultants) to assist you with the submission of your returns through Efiling to SARS. We provide a full range of tax services from making sure you are registered, receiving and completing forms correctly to submitting your tax returns on time.

You have the option of downloading the Efiling App on your Smart phone or registering online:

Anyone can file their tax returns, but the easiest, most efficient and reliable option is to hire a tax professional [available from PATC (Professional Accountants and Tax Consultants)] who will make sure that your returns are submitted accurately and timeously.

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