Understanding COVID-19 Funding & How PATC Can Help You

Graphic with down arrow. Laptop and cellphone in backgroundHere is a comprehensive list of the various funding schemes and grants that you can take advantage of.

The role PATC will play:

      1. Only after you have gone through this list yourself, they must highlight to us which they think they might be able to benefit from.
        a. The list specifies what criteria you will need to meet and under what circumstances.

  1. We will input whether we think that you have interpreted the criteria correctly and appropriately.
  2. We can assist you in applying and/or assist you by adding the documents that you need (at a fee) and/or assist in completing the documents that you need to attach, such as

a. Annual Financial Statements (Additional Fee),
b. Management Accounts (Additional Fee),
c. Cashflow projection (Additional Fee),
d. Tax Clearance Certificate (for a nominal fee, if your returns and tax liability are up-to-date; should we still need to do Tax/VAT/PAYE returns then there will be a fee for this),
e. BBBEE Certificate (nominal fee),
f. Proof of UIF, etc.

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To Summarise:

We as an Accounting firm can assist you with anything that you need us to do. However, there will be a fee. Therefore, we have to weigh up what will the cost of the application be VS the likelihood of your application being successful and under what conditions the loan will be made available, as well as the cost/repayment period, or in very rare cases, a Grant.

So when you need information, feel free to contact us after gauging at what level you would like us to get involved. If you are feeling the strain, we recommend that you get the above documents done and prepared, as these will help you meet most of the criteria for any of the loans. You will not have to pay to get these documents prepared twice, only the application form will be unique in most cases.

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Please note that our fees are unfortunately NOT application success based. This means that whether the loan is successful or not, we will still need to get paid.

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