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What is needed to prepare a Will (A guideline only)

(PATC does not charge for the preparation of Wills if Gavin Bacon / PATC will be the executor) A.) For a basic straight forward Will: – Both full names and surnames – we’ve got this therefore ignore Your ID No’s. – we’ve got this therefore ignore Confirmation that Gavin Rennie Bacon of PATC will be…

Annual Audit Or Review? Which Is Right For Your Company?


With the 2011 change in the Companies Act, 80 to 90% of companies in South Africa, namely PTY Ltds, do not require an annual audit. Rather the new Act allows for an independent review – an alternative form of ‘auditing’ a company’s financial statements. Will a review do for your company? Or would an annual…

Financial Planning For Women – Here’s What You Need To Know.

financial planning for women

Every income earning individual needs to have a financial plan – this will ensure that your money and lifestyle is protected. However, it might surprise you to know that women have different financial planning needs to men, even if they need similar financial products. Do you know how best to plan your finances as a…

What are Indirect Expenses And Why Should My Business Care?

expenses on a calculator

Just starting out in a new business? To make sure your business runs efficiently, you need to familiarise yourself with a number of accounting terms and understand how these are used (by yourself as a business owner and your accountant) in your financial records.

Make Sure You’re Ready For Tax Time With This Simple Checklist.


Income tax is the money paid to the government through SARS from the personal wages of working individuals. This money is used to help fund community projects such as government hospitals and roads. Once you are registered with the South African Revenue Services (SARS) as a taxpayer, the amount of tax you pay depends on:…

Watch It! Tips For Preventing Fraud In Your Business.

How To Prevent Fraud

As difficult as it may be to believe, employee fraud and theft is a major concern in most businesses, small and large. In the case of a business, fraud refers to stealing cash or non-cash assets, intentionally misstating facts on the business’ financial statements, and corruption (where employees influence business transactions for their own benefit).



Advice from Gavin Bacon, Owner of PATC It is easy to get into a disorganised state of mind and become messy at work when we move closer to the end of the year. I have put some tips together for you to use to avoid this from happening and to help you stay on top…

Scam emails…what to look out for and what to do!

email scams

It’s that time of the year again, every scammer out there is sending emails pushing their luck and trying to catch an innocent person out. Today, online fraud is a large-scale and highly lucrative criminal enterprise. Amongst the most popular of the scams out there are scammers claiming to be from SARS or other investment…