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Gavin Bacon Reappointed as Tax Court Member

Tax Court Member Reappointment Professional Accountants and Tax Consultants (PATC) is proud to announce the reappointment of Gavin Bacon as an accountant member of the Tax Court of South Africa. This prestigious appointment was recently made on the 4th of January 2023. Gavin is no stranger to the Tax Court having been a previous Commercial…

Working From Home and Tax Implications

While working remotely has become a norm for many companies it does come with certain complications such as a scattered workforce and its various tax implications. While many offices are equipped to help employees work efficiently, working from home for long periods of time can become challenging, the need for equipment and supplies therefore becomes…

Completing the Financial Statements Engagement In Compliance With The Legislative Requirements

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In general, engagements to issue a report on financial statements should be performed in terms of relevant statutory requirements, common law requirements related to professional competence, due care and a code of conduct issued by a professional body. A report may only be issued once all the above requirements are met. The duties of accounting…

Shareholders Agreement: Do I Need One, & Why?

What Is a Shareholders Agreement? A shareholders agreement is an agreement between the owners of a company setting out how they are going to run the company together. Now Read Debt Relief Finance Scheme: SMME Development Dept.

Understanding the UIF’s Temporary Employment Relief Scheme (TERS)

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As you by now know – clients can claim from TERS (UIF). However, more lenient coverage has come about with effect from 30.4.2020 and was broadcast by SAIPA today. Click here and here to download and read the documents for more specific information.


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The team at PATC, led by Gavin Bacon, can assist you with your Will. In most cases, the preparing of the Will is free – Ts and Cs apply. However, as a start, you find in this blog post a list of the main information that will be needed. Please feel free to contact us…

Understanding COVID-19 Funding & How PATC Can Help You

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Here is a comprehensive list of the various funding schemes and grants that you can take advantage of. The role PATC will play: Only after you have gone through this list yourself, they must highlight to us which they think they might be able to benefit from. a. The list specifies what criteria you will…

PATC’s Coronavirus Management Plan

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1.       DO NOT PANIC Avoid physical contact with other staff members and clients. Do not touch your face – use a tissue if you have to or toilet paper and then throw it in the dustbin. Recommend to clients that they either email or call or facetime or skype. Do not refuse a meeting, but…

The Financial Implications of the President’s Lockdown Speech

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Upon closer inspection of the official statement from the office of the President, this is my interpretation on it and not official advice. Using the tax system, we will provide a tax subsidy of up to R500 per month for the next four months for those private-sector employees earning below R6,500 under the Employment Tax…

What is needed to prepare a Will (A guideline only)

(PATC does not charge for the preparation of Wills if Gavin Bacon / PATC will be the executor) A.) For a basic straight forward Will: – Both full names and surnames – we’ve got this therefore ignore Your ID No’s. – we’ve got this therefore ignore Confirmation that Gavin Rennie Bacon of PATC will be…