PATC’s Coronavirus Management Plan

Corona Virus molecules1.       DO NOT PANIC

  1. Avoid physical contact with other staff members and clients. Do not touch your face – use a tissue if you have to or toilet paper and then throw it in the dustbin.
  2. Recommend to clients that they either email or call or facetime or skype. Do not refuse a meeting, but discourage it.
  3. Always WASH your hands – IT IS AS EFFECTIVE (99.9%) as hand sanitiser. So if you don’t have hand sanitiser – it is ok provided you wash your hands. Hand sanitiser is when you do not have soap and water.
  4. Mandy – replace the towels three times a day. (Let me know if you need more stock. When handling the towels – wash your hands after). They talk about washing your hands on average 10 times per day. So if you ‘wee’ a lot (like me) and simply wash your hands every time you wee – in theory you should be fine.
  5. Every time you leave the office AND come back in – wash your hands. Or use the hand sanitiser as a second measure. It is unlikely that we will run out of soap – but hand sanitiser is proving a major challenge. So use it ‘sparingly’, opting for soap and water instead – but do not hesitate to use it.
  6. Joann, offer a spray to each and everyone that comes in or out – including visitors and clients.
  7. Like all other challenges, this too will pass. We must use our heads and not be swept up by social media. Verify all sources when getting new and disturbing news.
  8. We have to keep going – it is business as usual. We are an extremely low-risk environment and can’t afford to close down and working from home has its own challenges.

10.     DO NOT PANIC

Happy working under these challenging time!

Thank you and Kind regards,

Gavin Bacon

(P.S.: These are my own personal views and in no way is meant to replace what is recommended by the World Health Organisation of the South African Government.)

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