Nontando Magubane

photograph of Nontando Magubane from PATCNontando is a dedicated, efficient and organized young business professional. With more than 4 years of experience in the Accounting field she has proven to have extensive knowledge in the Finance industry including but not limited to Bookkeeping, maintaining financial records. She is committed to providing best care to clients through transparent communication and timely preparation of taxes. She is a reliable hard-working person with a strong ability to problem solve and assist clients with any tax related matters.

Getting Personal with Nontando


Welcome WIN4ME Natal Branch

We are excited to announce the opening of our Natal Branch

Win4Me is a successful business broker that have been operating in Johannesburg for many years. We have now extended our expertise service to Tshwane and Kwazulu Natal.

Our commitment coupled with our tried and tested process is our formulated recipe to sell your business quickly and at the expected value.

Let us show you our endless effort and dedication to sell your Natal based business.

The South African Future Trust (SAFT) – Interest Free Loans

Have you heard of SAFT? It is an interest free loan:

“The South African Future Trust (SAFT) was set up by Nicky and Jonathan Oppenheimer as result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The aim of SAFT is to provide interest-free loans to qualifying SMMEs, exclusively for the purpose of paying a specified amount of money to their permanent employees who are at risk of losing their jobs or suffering loss of income due to COVID-19. If the loan is approved the permanent employees of the qualifying SMMEs will receive weekly payments of R750 per employee over 15 weeks (i.e. R11,250 in total per employee) and the full amount of the loan will be a function of the number of permanent employees on the SMME’s payroll. Therefore, there is no limit to the number of permanent employees that can receive this funding.



last will and testament white printer paperThe team at PATC, led by Gavin Bacon, can assist you with your Will.

In most cases, the preparing of the Will is free – Ts and Cs apply. However, as a start, you find in this blog post a list of the main information that will be needed. Please feel free to contact us for further / additional assistance.

What is needed to prepare a Will (A guideline only)


Business Rescue

a warmly-lit desk with a notepad, calculator, money and paperclips as well as a pair of hands calculating and drawing charts on the notepadAt PATC, we assist with business rescue, which is defined by the Companies Act 2008 with an aim to facilitate the rehabilitation of a company that is “financially distressed,” by providing for:

  • the temporary supervision of the company and management of its affairs, business and property by a business rescue practitioner,
  • a temporary moratorium (“stay”) on the rights of claimants against the company or in respect of property in its possession and the development and implementation (if approved) of a business rescue plan to rescue the company by restructuring its business, property, debt, affairs, other liabilities and equity.


Debt Relief Finance Scheme: SMME Development Dept.

the application process for debt reliefKindly Note: This is a LOAN. It is NOT a ‘free’ Grant. If applied for and offered, the loan repayment will be favourable and interest rates as low a prime less 5%, however it is a loan.

Small businesses (under R50m turnover) who are negatively affected are entitled to get assistance from the DSBD website. It is early days, so I am unsure exactly how it works and who qualifies and or under what circumstances precisely. However, what is very clear is the list of information that is needed. Pay special attention to the Qualifying Criteria, as without this, you will not be able to move forward. (more…)