Why Do Small Businesses Need An Accountant?

It is essential for small businesses to employ the services of a professional accountant who will always be on top of the changing laws and regulations and, more importantly, will know what applies to your company.

Accountants offer an in-house accounting service so you as a business owner can focus on managing and building your business.

Below is a brief list of some services your Accountant is able to provide:

  •  Advice on raising finance, an accountant can advise whether new capital assets should be purchased or leased, whether cash for the business should be raised by taking loan or increasing an overdraft.
  • Give advice on minimising tax by making full and proper use of allowable expenses.
  • Business planning, a way in which to translate ideas into plans with profit forecast, break-even analysis and business performance analysis etc.
  • Bookkeeping
  • Preparation of year-end accounts
  • Correct payment of taxes
  • Guidance and assistance through an Audit if necessary
  • An overall understanding of your financial needs

PATC is the ideal solution for any business that may need an accountant to assist with all the unavoidable administration that goes with running a small business.

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