Tax Season for 2013 Is Now Closed For Non-Provisional Taxpayers

However if you’re a provisional taxpayer the deadline was 22 Nov 2013 and if you are submitting it via eFiling the deadline was extended to 31st of January 2014 – provided all your tax affairs are in order.

You need to submit if you are:

  • Younger than 65 years old and earned R63 556 income during the 2013 year of assessment,
  • 65 years of age or older and earned R99 056 for the same period,
  • 75 years and older and earned R110 889 for the same period.

Provisional Taxpayers Deadline

You don’t need to submit if you:

Earned less than R250 000 for a full year (total salary income before tax) then you don’t need to submit an income tax return, as long as you meet the following criteria:

  • Income is from a single employer;
  • Income is for a full year of assessment (1 March – 28/29 February);
  • No allowance was paid, from which employees’ tax was not fully deducted;
  • No further deductions need to be claimed or income declared e.g. medical expenses, travel or retirement annuities and/or you don’t receive interest earnings or income from a rental property.

How to submit your return?

  • You have to have been registered as a taxpayer, for income tax with SARS, within 60 days of becoming liable for tax.
  • Submit your return via eFiling by 31 January 2014. This is the only available option now as the cutoff date to submit your return manually was last year 22 Nov 2013.

Avoid penalties!

Avoid having to pay penalties because your return is late. The penalty amount depends upon your taxable income and ranges from R250 up to R16 000 per month for each month that your return is outstanding. If penalties are unpaid the law allows SARS to deduct the penalty straight from your salary or bank account. So to avoid penalties submit your tax return as soon as possible and if you need any assistance with the submission contact us today.

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