SARS eFiling: Should I eFile my Tax Return?

A brief story of why you should not file a tax return the old off-line way

Well to be frank – SARS are forcing your hand. The only way to avoid eFiling now is to go to SARS or one of their “pilot” offices. This entails biting, kicking and fighting for a parking, then waiting in their queue – between 20 minutes and three hours – depending on when you go there. Then sitting with a “very enthusiastic” SARS employee who does everything for you – on their eFiling system. You might as well have done it yourself.

So in a nut-shell yes eFile. It is fast, efficient and far more convenient than waiting at a SARS office.

Go to the SARS website – click on eFiling at the top and get yourself registered. It is a bit scary navigating through it – but once it is all done and set-up it really does beat going to the SARS offices every time.

But, if you don’t have the time, patience or energy, simply bring it to us and we’ll do everything for you. We are registered tax practitioners with SARS eFiling and so it is much easier for us to do it all for you. You don’t cut your own hair – so why do your own taxes? Contact us today.