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Professional Accountants & Tax Consultants (PATC)

Whatever your organisation’s size,
our services allow you to mind your own business.

PATC are Proficient at a Wide Scope of Tax & Accounting Services

Your One Stop Tax Solution for Personal Tax or Business Tax

Are you tired of filling in your forms wrong when you’re trying to meet the SARS deadlines? Wondering how you can SAVE money with tax saving strategies or tax planning consultants?

Stop Stressing!

Whether it’s your business tax or personal tax you are worried about, you can put your mind at ease when using the best tax consultants; PATC (Professional Accountants and Tax Consultants).

We offer a variety of different services using business tax consultants and personal tax consultants alike.

–              Business Tax Consultants
–              Personal Tax Returns
–              Tax advice
–              Tax Calculator
–              Company Tax Returns

We also offer the following solutions for Personal Accounting & Business Accounting

–              Business Accounting Consultants
–              Personal Accounting Consultants
–              Payroll, PAYE, SDL & UIF Deductions
–              Investment Advice
–              Business Valuations
–              Business Plans

Meet Your Tax Deadlines Today!

Are outstanding SARS debts, VAT returns, Income Tax returns, PAYE, Dividends Tax even Donations Tax keeping you up at night? With our help, these can be avoided &/or substantially reduced.

Contact us, we know how to save you money and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

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Why Choose PATC & Gavin’s Trusty Team?

PATC is owned and run by Gavin Bacon, who is backed by 30 years of experience in the industry, which began at the Durban’s Receiver of Revenue in 1990. Since then, Gavin has gained membership and accreditation with SAIPA (South Africa Institute of Professional Accountants), SAIBA (South Africa Institute for Business Accountants), is a Master member of SAIT (South Africa Institute of Tax Professionals) and specialises in tax compromise.

Gavin is extremely passionate about what he does and therefore, as a marketing exercise and in an effort to offer his very wide base of experience and training, the first meeting and or assessment or your ‘problems’ or simply a discussion on “how can I pay less tax? and or how can I save money?,” in most cases, is free.

The assessment of your case, tax return or Annual Financial Statements is free (T’s & C’s apply).

Naturally, if Gavin consults, there could be a fee. However, in most cases no fee to get the ball rolling. Gavin likes clients to be happy and comfortable to pay for his time. So, there are never any surprises. Fees are set once the case is established and then only actioned once you, the valued client, are 100% happy.