Catching Up With PATC’s Owner & Tax Expert: Gavin Bacon

As you may well know,  in recognition of Gavin’s vast experience and Tax Degree, The Office of the Registrar for the Republic of South Africa appointed Gavin in 2017 as a Commercial Member of the Tax Court for a period of five years – an appointment Gavin was honored to accept.

In an effort to keep up-to-date with the needs of the Tax Court, Gavin attends Tax Court meetings to re-establish his membership, ongoing support and commitment to the Tax Court, with the same dedication he has brought to the industry for the past 3 decades – and counting! He by no means ‘works for the other team’ instead utilising his founded knowledge to better serve the community and his clients.

Professional Accountants & Tax Consultants (PATC): A Brief History

Gavin set the company up back in 1992 with huge ambitions and a passionate vision, never knowing how successful it would become. Through hard work and determination, Gavin’s vision came to life; some thirty years later, PATC has expanded into a successful company that provides a full range of accounting, bookkeeping and tax services to over 1500 clients – including the kind of work other tax consultants would rather not do. His gross coverage clocks over R1.5b in turnover. To him and his direct and indirect team of 26, no job is too big, yet he continues to be grounded enough to help smaller clients and remain dedicated to being a Tax Practitioner.

The PATC Team

We employ, partner and associate with several qualified accountants, many trainees and bookkeepers, numerous support staff members and host of independent associates and small businesses. We are also contracted to ensure a well-run firm of Accountants and tax Consultants. What does this mean for you as an individual or organisation? It means that no matter how big or small your undertaking may be, PATC is up to the task.

Gavin’s trustworthy team of Accountants, Bookkeepers and Tax Consultants will undertake to manage your finances efficiently, timeously and accurately, so that you never need to worry about administration, compliance or penalties from the Receiver of Revenue (SARS) and other Statutory Bodies. PATC brings you that peace of mind.

What Sets Gavin and PATC Apart?

PATC is owned and run by Gavin Bacon, who is backed by 30 years of experience in the industry, which began at the Durban’s Receiver of Revenue in 1990. Since then, Gavin has gained membership and accreditation with

SAIPA (South Africa Institute of Professional Accountants), SAIBA (South Africa Institute for Business Accountants), is a Master member of SAIT (South Africa Institute of Tax Professionals) and specialises in tax compromise.

Gavin is extremely passionate about what he does and therefore, as a marketing exercise and in an effort to offer his very wide base of experience and training, the first meeting and or assessment or your ‘problems’ or simply a discussion on “how can I pay less tax? and or how can I save money?,” in most cases, is free. The assessment of your case, tax return or Annual Financial Statements is free (T’s & C’s apply).

Naturally, if Gavin consults, there could be a fee. However, in most cases no fee to get the ball rolling. Gavin likes clients to be happy and comfortable to pay for his time. So, there are never any surprises. Fees are set once the case is established and then only actioned once you, the valued client, are 100% happy.

Chat to PATC About Your Tax & Accountancy Needs

PATC regularly update the blog with vital Tax resources and industry information, making it a reliable source of up-to-date financial advice. If you need more info or you would like to schedule a consultation, be sure to get in touch, we’d love to assist!

Try him and his team. You won’t be sorry.