Announcement: Launching Mama Mimis Premium Business Franchise

Dear All….

I am extremely excited to announce the launch of Mama Mimi’s Premium Business Franchise. This lucrative business opportunity allows for you – the business owner to be a part of a community upliftment programme.

It is a well-known fact that bread is one of South Africa’s staple food sources for most families. If one wants to buy a loaf of bread, one needs to go to the local shop to buy factory produced bread. The average price of a loaf of bread in any ‘Township’ is R12 – R14. Unfortunately, the bread has normally been made and only delivered to the township a week later (which means it is close to its expiry when the people buy and consume it).mama-mimis-local store 1

We are now proud to introduce – a tried and tested success story – Mama Mimi’s fresh home baked bread at only R10 per loaf. The best part? It’s freshly baked every hour. We will be supplying and teaching stay at home moms or ‘home executives’ to bake their own bread and supply and sell freshly baked bread. The local people will now be enjoying affordable freshly baked bread every day!


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How does it work?

Each baker is self-sustained, earns their own income and they are each in charge of their own finances and future lucrativeness.

Opportunities for you as a business owner?

Your role is as a distributor – will be to take 20 – 50 bakers under your wing at one time. This will allow the community to be uplifted and allows hard earned money to stay within the community too. Your role in the business will be to assist with the running of the bakers.

You will make your money in two ways;

  1. Partly from the sale of the flour and pre-mix to the bakers
  2. And a cut of the sale of the bread itself.

Franchisors will be awarded to qualifying persons on a first come first served bases and all training will be provided.

mama-mimis bread ovenLet’s talk money…

For an outlay of only R595000 – you can own your very own Franchise. You acquire 20 ovens and a vehicle (these have a total worth of R300 000) so the actual risk is only 50%.  Expected returns – based on only 20 loaves of bread per baker per day and based on only 20 bakers (once up and running) – you can earn upwards of R40 000 per month! (That’s an average return of 80% per annum!).

Only 1% of businesses in South Africa achieve these phenomenal returns.

Still not sure?
Find out more online: and watch this inspiring video:

If you would like to attend a free seminar with fellow business owners where this business opportunity will be further discussed and questions may be asked, kindly email for a free consultation or give me a call: Gavin Bacon on 031 702 8112 / 082 458 7074

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you and Kind regards

Gavin Bacon