PATC Tax Deadline Calendar App

PATC Launches The First Tax Deadline Calendar App Of Its Kind!

There are currently over 800,000 mobile apps available on the App store, amongst these are applications that measure your calorie count for the day, tell you what song you’re listening to and of course the ever popular photo editing apps…one thing you will however struggle to find is an App that sends you push notifications to remind you of the upcoming tax deadlines! PATC (Professional Accountants and Tax Consultants) are both proud and excited to announce the release of our very own Mobile App that does just this!


The PATC Tax Deadline Calendar App is available now for the public to download. The premise is simple: an App has been designed to ensure that everyone can have access to Tax deadline reminders (without having to contact SARS or rely on other parties). Users can access the App on pc or if they prefer to have this fully-featured finance calendar App with them at all times – they can download the App on Android or iPhone.


The PATC Tax Deadline Calendar App not only features a unique and exclusive system whereby it reminds you of all the current South African tax deadlines but allows you to schedule your own personal reminders and send your emails too. The App will send you push notifications ± four days prior to the deadline so that you have enough time to get your returns in and therefore saves you from the major penalties and interest incurred if you miss the deadline! Who needs Siri when the PATC Tax Deadline Calendar App provides you with all the dates that may slip your mind. All in all, the App will provide users with an easy to use tax and financial focused calendar that they are able to carry in their pocket at all times!


So what are you waiting for? Access the app on your PC by visiting or download it on your Android / Apple  phone or tablet. Or at the Apple App store / Google Play. Let us know what you think!

Download the free App - tax reminders